buy telegram members

If you looking for Buy Fake Telegram Members  for your channel you are in right place

buy fake telegram members

First of all if you have NOT enough information about Fake Telegram Subscribers kindly read the description below.

This description will help you to choose right package of our telegram services and also it will improve your knowledge about telegram and you will be familiar with the methods of Buy Telegram Followers.

this members are fake and also calling offline telegram subscribers.

The fake telegram members is currently very popular because this service have low drop rate (about 30%)

buy telegram members

also we can add up to 50,000 offline members to your telegram channels.

they will not increase your post views but you can buy telegram channel views service to increase your post views.

this accounts are created by virtual numbers and it’s so safe for your channels and tested too many times within 3 years.

buy telegram channel members

To Buy Telegram Subscribers we need your Channel Link

We will show you how to find your Telegram Channel Link here

why you must buy fake telegram members?

  • it have very low drop rate within the time
  • low cost rate
  • the members are adding legal and safe
  • fast speed about 5k per day
  • stability is long, up to 200 days

buy telegram subscribers

when my order will take start and will be completed?

actually when you ordering this service, we will put in in the queue and  will get starting within 24 hrs and it will be completed depends on your order, usually 3k to 5k per day.

is this members are stable?

all of the telegram members even your account if you do not use it for up to 6 months, telegram will delete that account automatically.

also Telegram always updating their policies and sometimes they finding telegram fake channel subscribers and they will just delete them from your channel.

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