buy telegram group members

In this case you can buy fake telegram group members as well.

buy telegram group members

actually this members calling offline group members and all of the usernames are created by virtual numbers.

this members are creating through virtual numbers.

all of them are created legal and it’s safe to add them in your group.

add fake members telegram group

this members have real names and most of them have profile pictures.

Also this method of adding members in telegram groups have very low drop rate and most of this members are stable for long time.

we can add at least 50.000 fake members in each group so it would be a good news for big telegram groups.

thus we will add 20k members per day and it’s an excellent speed for add members in telegram groups.

Also before Adding members to your group we recommend you to add @joinhider_bot in your group and make it as admin to remove unwanted join notifications.

If you don’t know how to do that, this article will be helpful to you, so kindly read that: How To Remove Join Notifications Automatically

Advantages of group members

  • low drop rate (about 30%)
  • have profile pictures and real names
  • up to 50k capacity
  • ultra high speed (20k per day)
  • 100% safe
  • fake members

Disadvantages of group members

  • the names are asian but written in english (ex: Ayda Hashemi)

please note that telegram sometimes updating their policies so we can not guarantee the members to stay forever.

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