buy real telegram members

in this case you can buy real telegram channel members for your channels.

actually this method is  called telegram channel force add members.

buy real telegram members

in this method we will add real telegram subscribers who using unofficial telegram applications

we will add them in your channel but they can decide to stay or leave your channel.

this method have more than 50% drop rate and about 10% post views

why you should buy real telegram channel members?

the benefits from telegram fake subscribers is in this solution we can add up to 1 million telegram channel members.

so this method is a good idea to buy bulk telegram members.

Advantages of real channel members:

  • up to 1 million capacity
  • 10% post views
  • real subscribers
  • asian subscribers
  • ultra high speed (about 200k per day)
  • 100% safe

Disadvantages of real channel members

  • at least 50% drop rate

buy telegram channel followers

we just received some feedbacks about views.

seems like the channel post views number updation take more long than before.

also telegram can not detect this members to delete them because this members are humans.

how long it takes to start my order?

usually your order will be completed within 24 hrs because the speed of this method is so fast and the capacity per each day is so high.

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