buy real telegram group members

here you can buy real telegram group members.

buy crypto telegram members

actually in this method we can add real members in telegram groups.

this members can be REAL and TARGETED and ONLINE.

we can extract members who was online within last 3 days ago, from any kind of group, and then we will import that members into your group.

for example:

if you need the members who interest in crypto, first you should find one or more crypto related telegram groups.

we will extract their online members and will import them to your group.

buy targeted telegram members

all of this members are humans so they can decide to stay or leave your group any time.

But no worries because the experience has proven, drop rate of this method is very low and most of these members will stay in your group.

Rules of adding targeted members in groups

Please before purchasing Real Telegram Group Members service real this rules:

  1. Your Target Group should have enough Online Members to extract.
  2. Add @joinhider_bot in your group and make it as admin. if you don’t know how to do that kindly read this article: How To Remove Join Notifications Automatically
  3. Disable or Remove any other Telegram Bot from your group during adding members if you Using Other Bots.
  4. You should Enable Chat Access during the adding members if you Already Denied people from writing messages.
  5. Also the speed of adding is about 300 to 500 members per day so please be patient and let us Grow Your Group safely.

buy real telegram members

This service can improve your business and also if you find correct target group to extract the members, it can be so effective and also maybe you be success find some investors from this members.

Advantages of real group members

  • low drop rate
  • high effectivity
  • 100% safe
  • active and online members
  • can improve your business

Disadvantages of real group members

  • low speed (about 500 members per day)

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